Do-It-Yourself, or Where to Find Help Online

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Apple Support

Very good help and videos when you’re getting started with a new device or application.

Ask Questions

Apple Forums (Communities)

This is a free-for-all in which users help other users. You will rarely find official Apple support people posting here, and if you have a complaint or a problem you’d like to report to Apple, this is not the place to do it. But there is a lot of good information shared freely here, and you can post your own questions. Be sure to include the specific model and version of the operating system on the devices you’re having trouble with. To ask a question, login with your AppleID.

Search for Answers

Apple Knowledgebase***

These are support articles from Apple. Find them via Google search; Apple’s search engine is not as good. You’ll know you’ve found an official knowledgebase article when you see followed by two letters and a string of numbers. For example, Mac support articles often start with HT and iOS pages usually start with TS.


In-depth how-to articles for Apple hardware, apps and services.


Comprehensive, reliable reviews of hardware and software, especially new operating systems. How-to articles.

The Mac Observer

See “Tips” for short articles about solving problems or learning new tricks. See “Cool Stuff Found” for new gadgets, Mac applications, and iOS apps.

Fix or Buy Replacement Parts


Repair manuals and detailed information about the internals of your computers and gadgets

Buying a New Mac, iPod, iPad, or iPhone

Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone

Is it a good time to buy or replace your Mac? This app shows when it was last updated and tries to predict when Apple will release a new model. It’s the only site worth listening to. Also covers the iPod, iPad, and iPhone.